A group of legal services at work at the BMW Group.
A group of legal services at work at the BMW Group.



From general counsel, to patent law and compliance, our legal departments are made up of a dynamic group of expert attorneys and legal professionals who work hand in hand with their international counterparts to tackle the challenges we face as a global automotive brand. They make up a reliable legal advisory, management and regulatory function that supports the realisation of our business strategies, while respecting the duties of the Board of Directors.

The general counsel and patent attorneys of the BMW Group Legal Affairs department and the specialist intellectual property, labour and social law and tax law departments carry out their work with professional independence. They also, however, work with other departments in interdisciplinary teams to contribute to the uniqueness of the company’s technical innovations and products.

The BMW Group Compliance Committee Office manages and monitors activities necessary to avoid violations of the law within the BMW Group. Here, too, legal experts work together with colleagues from other disciplines in interdisciplinary teams.

It takes passion, acumen and technical expertise to have a professional legal representation which contributes to the protection of the economic and legal interests, the freedom of action and the reputation of the BMW Group – and thus also to the long-term success of the company.

That is why we are always on the look-out for experienced lawyers and the brightest new legal minds to ensure our street-legal compliance, defend our trademarks, designs and domains – and provide our vehicles with the world-class representation they deserve.

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