An e-mobility engineer looks into his laptop at work.
An e-mobility engineer looks into his laptop at work.



Sustainably changing the mobility of the future and defining a lifestyle that is shaped by the desire for positive change in the environment: Our e-mobility experts work day in, day out on the further development of relevant technologies to ensure bringing new e-models onto the market. To do so, we do not set any limits for visionary ideas and, with a spirit of innovation, we create the technologies of tomorrow.

In order to maintain our pioneering role in e-mobility, we are looking for e-mobility experts in a wide range of areas.

We are convinced that high-performance and sustainable energy storage systems will lead individual mobility to success – do you think so, too? Then work with us in a dynamic team on current and decisive topics – such as highly innovative and sustainable battery cells. Make your contribution to the realisation of a seamless digital and circular generation of vehicles with fully electric drives.

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