I must say that it is rare to find companies that offer their employees so many alternatives for growth as BMW Group Northern Europe.
Country Manager for Alphabet


Tell us about your current role.

As Country Manager for Alphabet, I am responsible for the commercial strategy and performance of Alphabet Sweden. Do you know what Alphabet does? To make it short, we offer corporate customers car finance together with administration and consultancy. Basically, our ambition is to save time and cost for companies that today spend time to arrange and administrate their fleet of vehicles, so that they more effectively can spend more time on the areas that are profitable for them. 


What kind of career growth have you experienced since joining? 

I must say that it is rare to find companies that offer their employees so many alternatives for growth as BMW Group Northern Europe. Usually, we talk about career growth as climbing up in hierarchy, but not all people always strive for management roles. This is something that I personally view as one of the strengths within the group, we offer both development in terms of climbing up in hierarchy but also the possibility to get wider knowledge and moving between business areas. 

For me personally I have got the chance to work within fields of business that I perhaps would not have done if not working for this company. I started my career at BMW Sweden within Corporate Sales and after barely 1,5 year I got the opportunity to take over the role as Sales manager, which I did for 3 years. Most recently I got the opportunity to work with something that was totally outside of my comfort zone. Making the move from car sales into finance and Alphabet was a leap that I did not see just a few years ago. BMW has given me the chance to widen myself professionally and given me some new views and competence into the business area that I have now moved into.


How has BMW Group supported you to develop within your field?

The company is based on people. You develop in the surrounding of great colleagues, managers and executives who are giving advice and the opportunity to receive their thoughts and reflections. What the company also do have, is a strong talent management process with clear desire of succession planning, training, and mentorship programs, which gives all of us as the opportunity to grow and develop ourselves. 


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve worked on?

I cannot isolate one specific area as there are so many exiting things I have worked with. For many people the past years challenges as pandemic, semiconductors and other global topics have caused a tough working environment. At the same time, I do feel that there are some parts that I have really enjoyed as it has given us the opportunity to try new things and act differently.

To mention one project the entire FSM (Future Sales Model project) have been really exiting as it will be a milestone and historical change, not only for BMW but also for the automotive industry. Lastly and for me personally the most exiting that I will take with me for my entire career, is the work related to personal development and to actively work with leadership and support people development and growth resulting in people taking on new challenges and roles. This is an ongoing work and never have a due date.


What stands out to you about the culture at BMW Group?

One thing that I see as remarkable is the drive of the local organization in combination with being collaborative and supportive. We are a performing organization, but we perform together and usually with a smile on our faces. 😊