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The picture shows a BMW employee working in Software Development checking a car with his laptop.

Software development at the BMW Group.

These days, automotive history is written in code.

Automotive software is becoming increasingly complex. And that's why we need you. Do you live and love connected thinking and have ideas about how intelligent software could make our everyday working lives easier, or provide us with more enjoyment, comfort and safety on the road? Flexible working models and responsibility for the entire development process enable our software developers to take an unconventional approach and continue to push the boundaries of possibility. Become part of one of our many agile teams in one of the following areas.

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Every development in software starts with an idea. Once it’s been found, it takes solution-oriented minds to implement the idea with passion. That’s where you come in: together with your team, you will program and integrate clever algorithms, and provide our customers with more safety, comfort and enjoyment on the road. You will benefit from a global network of competence centres and more, and will work with the best in your field. Curious? Then discover current vacancies in software architecture via our Job Finder.

The joy of driving comes about when all hardware and software components perform together in perfect harmony. To continue offering solutions that work in perfect accord, we need your expertise in software integration. Your team will maintain the overview of applications to be implemented and put all the pieces together to bring pioneering new features to series maturity. Can you keep everything on track to bring new innovations to the road? Then join us in changing the way the world moves for good.

Before new software reaches production maturity, it first needs to be thoroughly tested. Only then will we continue to be seen as a pioneer in our industry while guaranteeing high standards in the function, endurance and lifespan of our vehicles and the implemented software. Do you have an eye for what’s important and a passion for perfection? Then help us give our customers sheer driving pleasure, safely and error-free. Take a look at our Job Finder for current vacancies in software test management.

EE SOFTWARE Development.

The picture shows a BMW employee working on a laptop.

The picture shows a young man, working as a Embedded System Engineer at BMW.

Working in IT.

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What our IT employees say about working for BMW.

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BMW Group IT.

The picture shows a BMW employee showing two others something on a whiteboard in regards to the modern working methods at BMW Group.

Modern working methods at BMW Group.

The picture shows a computer screen depicting long rows of code.

Automotive Security.

The picture shows the inside of the BMW concept car and the street it is driving on, from a driver's point of view.

User Experience at BMW Group.

The picture shows a man, working in software development at BMW Group.

Software development at BMW Group.

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