Discover our offices in Germany.

In the homeland of our mother brand, eight plants distributed across the entire country offer the greatest variety of innovative vehicle production. From Munich to Berlin, each plant provides unique opportunities to experience high-quality manufacturing processes and standards. In our Munich plant,  the cradle of BMW, over 7,800 employees from 50 different nations take part in the production of up to 950 vehicles per day. The BMW 3 and BMW 4 Series, as well as the BMW M4 roll off our Munich production lines.

Located directly next to our plant, you’ll find the BMW Welt counting with more than three million visitors per year, as Bavaria’s biggest tourist attraction. Hard to believe, but that’s even more than the world-famous Neuschwanstein castle.

Our plant in Dingolfing is the largest automobile production plant in Europe employing about 18,000 people. It's the heart of the production of our Rolls Royce bodies as well as the BMW 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Series.

Our Leipzig plant counts as the most modern and sustainable BMW plant in Germany. Since 2005, more than 960 vehicles per day are produced including the BMW 1 and BMW 2 Series as well as our fully electric vehicles. As sustainability is very important to us, we use green energy for our manufacturing process provided by four wind turbines.

Germany’s capital Berlin is home to 2,000 employees working hand in hand to ensure outstanding motorcycle production for BMW Motorrad. Combining passion with career you'll get the chance to experience working in a future-oriented team to assist in process and project planning or in one of many other working areas.

Moreover, we have plants in Landshut serving as an innovation hub where 4,100 employees do their very best to ensure moving mobility forward to the future. Further, our plants in Regensburg, Eisenach and Wackersdorf support the daily production and processes of vehicles of the BMW Group.

Additionally, our Ulm-based BMW Car IT GmbH has a broad project landscape paving the path towards autonomous driving and connected infotainment systems.

The picture shows the BMW Designworks workspace in Munich.

Munich, Designworks Workspace.

The picture gives an interior view of the BMW Welt in Munich.

Munich, BMW Welt.

This picture shows the interior view of a BMW dealership in Berlin.

Berlin, Dealership.

This picture shows the Autonomous Driving Campus Garage in Munich.

Munich, Autonomous Driving Campus Garage.

The picture shows the Car IT office in Ulm.

UIm, BMW Car IT Office.

The picture gives an interior view of the Location Research & Innovation Center Munich.

Munich, FIZ.

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