Shanghai Skyline Sunset 614703754
Shanghai Skyline Sunset 614703754


In Shanghai, BMW China Services Co. Ltd comprises functions focusing on digital products, software development, autonomous driving, innovative design, and connecting with local digital ecosystems and innovation circles. The regional Shanghai offices are located in the state-of-the-art Lumina Plaza in the city’s Xuhui District. The BMW associates have a magnificent view over the city as well as a wide assortment of office spaces, retail, dining and entertainment options available.

Life in Shanghai.

  • Shanghai, also called the Pearl of the Orient or Paris of the East, is renowned as the biggest city in the world with a population of more than 24 million people. This melting pot of cultures is a very safe city to live and travel in and Shanghai residents enjoy the highest life expectancy in the world.
  • Shanghai is popularly perceived as the birthplace of China’s modern technology – the first motorcar, the first train tracks and China’s first modern sewers were all found here. Today it’s home to some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers and has the largest number of art deco buildings of any city in China – a result of the construction boom in the 1920s and 1930s. The city’s famous buildings include the historical City God Temple, Hamilton House and Park Hotel from the art deco era and the 632 metre high Shanghai Tower from 2013. The gorgeous tree-lined streets in the French Concession, boast small boutiques and cafés, while Chinese and European building styles dating back to the colonial era converge with the city’s skyscrapers.
  • Whether you want streetfood, Michelin starred meals or fast-food – Shanghai showcases China’s best and most distinctive cuisines. Influenced by the city’s proximity to the river, the region abounds with selections of freshwater fish and shellfish. Western food is also well represented here, where the meals on offer reflect the area’s changing climate as a result of its four distinct seasons.
  • Shanghai also has a number of urban oases where inhabitants can kick back for a moment and relax. The Zongshan Park is full of kite flyers, badminton players and locals practice tai chi in its winding avenues – here everyone can join in. Gongqing Forest Park lies just outside the city, offering expanded forests and grass areas. Sandy beaches are also easy to reach from Shanghai’s city centre. The newly opened Fengxian beach is situated less than an hour away, and right in the heart of the city’s colonial-era district lays the Bund, a stretch of sand with a unique view of the Pudong Skyline.


BMW China Services Ltd. is located in Lumina Plaza in Xuhui District features an open and flexible working environment that inspires employees and improves cooperation.

BMW China Services in Shanghai operates its business via SKYLAB, Digital Products & Services and Digitalization Customer Interface, BMW Group Tech Office Asia-Pacific, Styling and Technical Convergence Team and Designworks. To empower future design through digitalization, Designworks started its second decade in China in 2023 and will further integrate with BMW’s world-leading digital development processes based on LED and VR technology.

BMW also collaborates with innovative companies and even offers platforms for innovative start-ups to enter the automotive market. BMW Group Tech Office Asia-Pacific in Shanghai focuses on tech scouting of advanced technologies and innovations, covering different tech fields like generative AI, AR/VR, sustainability and digital solutions. 

The Shanghai Branch is home to two legal entities: BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. which is responsible for regional sales, marketing and aftersales activities and BMW China Automotive Finance (China) Co. Ltd. that offers financial products as well as customer-oriented services.

The regional Shanghai office is located in Lumina Plaza in Xuhui District offers a wide assortment of office spaces, retail, dining and entertainment options. 

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BMW Group Campus Shanghai
BMW Group Campus Shanghai
BMW Group Campus Shanghai
BMW Group Campus Shanghai


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