Beijing CBD at nigt 1338238820
Beijing CBD at nigt 1338238820



The China Headquarter is located in the state-of-the-art Gateway building in Beijing’s Chaoyang district. The vibrant culture, amazing food, seven of UNESCO’s forty-eight world heritage sites and millions of people make Beijing, China’s capital, one of the most interesting and intense metropolises in the world.


Life in Beijing.

  • Over 18 million people live in China’s fascinating capital and if you count the area surrounding Beijing, the population reaches a whopping 24,9 million. In this mega metropolis and in a country where the population famously say, “plans can’t keep up with change” it comes as no surprise that no two days are alike.
  • Beijing is the Centre of Chinese culture and politics and holds a prominent position in international business. It’s China’s first post-industrial city and is home to many of Fortune 500 companies and corporate heavyweights.
  • The city occupies an exciting space between the distant past and the future, and with a history dating back three millennia, there are many opulent palaces, historic sights, parks and gardens to visit. Beijing boasts not one but seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the Forbidden City, Ming Tombs and the Great Wall. 
  • The art scene is also very developed here and in the words of the New York Times, “Beijing’s art scene has already become a staple destination on the sightseeing itinerary”. Events like Beijing Design Week and venues like 798 Art District – a 50 year old decommissioned military factory building which now functions as an exhibition centre for modern art, the city is a natural destination for everyone who is interested in art and culture. 
  • Monthly magazines such as Time Out Beijing and the Beijinger provide updates about the many concerts, plays and other cultural events that are offered each month in the city.
  • Beijing’s food culture is every bit as contemporary and international as those found in other big cities. The delicious, affordable Asian cuisine, including the city’s most internationally famous dish, roast Peking duck is at its best in Beijing, and can also be experienced at Wangfujing’s famous snack street where almost everything is speared on sticks, from fruit and dumplings to seahorse.
  • Beijing is also home to several major shopping malls, such as Xidan In Beijing, which has multiple malls, connected by above-street level walkways, where all the internationally well known brands are represented. As one of China’s most global metropolises, Beijing also offers a number of options when it comes to excellent international education institutions.
Beijing Gateway
Beijing Shunyi E-Center


  • The BMW China is headquartered in Beijing’s Chaoyang District and is home to associates in different legal entities BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd., BMW China Automotive Finance (China) Co., Ltd., BMW China Services Ltd., Herald International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., BMW China Investment Co., Ltd., and BMW (China) Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.
  • BMW Group established the representative office with 5 employees in Beijing in April 1994 (“BMW AG Rep Office”), which was recognized as BMW’s official entry to Chinese market. In 2005 October, BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd. was established as another milestone of BMW’s long term commitment to the Chinese market.
  • BMW China Services Ltd. was established in April, 2011, providing R&D, procurement, internal audit and finance services to BMW Group in China and other countries in Asia. With its main office in Beijing and branches in Shanghai and Shenyang, BMW China Services Ltd. is engaged in research and development for automobiles and motorcycles and their parts, components, systems and technologies. The company addresses design and styling of automobiles, development of on-board and off-board functions for mobility services, testing services for BMW/MINI/Rolls-Royce products, and technology consulting services to support the sourcing activities. BMW China Services Ltd. is also the center for BMW’s global sourcing, purchasing, supplier quality and logistics in Asia, working closely with innovative suppliers for the BMW production and logistics network.
  • BMW Automotive Finance (China) Co. Ltd. was founded in September, 2010 and covering business for mainland China and Hong Kong. The company offers not only financial products (loan services), but also intimates customer-oriented services, including but not limited to insurance, credit card and leasing services now. As a member of BMW Group and having business in over 50 countries, BMW Financial Services is one of the biggest auto-finance companies in the world. Being a global profitable financial services provider, the company commits itself in contributing to the BMW Group “Number One” strategy.
  • Herald International Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. founded in 2009, with main business focus on automotive financial leasing and operational leasing. In April 2016, Herald Leasing officially joined BMW family as a BMW Group Company. In March 2018, BMW Brilliance Automotive became one of Herald Leasing’s shareholders. As the fifth legal entity of BMW Group in China, Herald Leasing offers BMW leasing products to both individual and corporate customers, while supporting business mobility with premium tailor-made solutions. Herald Leasing strives to innovating on diversified products and services, in order to meet the growing customer mobility demands.
  • BMW China Investment Ltd., a fully-owned subsidiary company of the BMW Group, was established in December, 2019 in Beijing.
  • BMW (China) Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. was established in October 2022 in Beijing to further support BMW Group China’s core business by offering insurance solutions along the entire value chain.
  • Besides business success, BMW has always been committed to being a responsible corporate social citizen and developing harmoniously with the local community. BMW’s long-term CSR efforts in the Chinese market covers four main areas including educational support, environmental protection, cultural promotion, and corporate governance. In June 2008, BMW China and BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. joined hands with China Charity Foundation (CCF) to establish the BMW Warm Heart Fund. Because of its effective and comprehensive talent strategy, BMW China has won many prizes as the most favorable employers, including China Best Employer Award, Top Employer Award etc. for consecutive years. 


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