Guangzhou city skyline 1052917966
Guangzhou city skyline 1052917966


Surrounded by mountains and situated on the banks of the Pearl River, Guangzou’s location is unparalleled for beauty. It’s also one of China’s most prosperous cities and homeland to the famous dim sum canteen.

Located in the Central Tower the BMW Gangzhou office benefits from spacious indoor and outdoor surroundings as well as the urban vibe from its mid-town location.


Life in Guangzhou.

  • The city of Guangzhou is situated in the southeastern corner of China, nestled in the province of Guandong. Its proximity to Hong Kong and Macau has made Guangzhou a hub of international business in China. With an estimated population of 13 million, it is China’s third largest city, and its population is getting bigger every day due to this dynamic city’s fast-growing economy and strong industry.
  • In terms of its culture, Guangzhou is relatively isolated from the rest of China and as such, parts of the city enjoy a more international, western influence than most Chinese cities. Since Guangzhou acts as a trading port, this means it’s one of China’s most prosperous cities and is therefore a safe, welcoming destination for expats as well as locals to reside. A comprehensive metro system makes it easy to commute and get around, while bicycles are another popular form of transportation here.
  • Surrounded by mountains and located on the banks of the Pearl River, the city not only boasts a picturesque view but also enjoys a cool breeze from the river. As you might expect from its riverside location, there is delicious fresh seafood on offer, cooked in the Guangzhou style, which seamlessly mixes traditional Chinese styles of cooking with other cuisines in South East Asia. Guangzhou is also the homeland of one of Asia’s most beloved culinary offerings: dim sum.
  • You’ll find many fascinating historical sites within the city centre, like the Dafo Temple, built over 1600 years ago; Shaiman Island and the 600 metre Canton Tower, along with traditional temples and green parks. Outside the city, you can find mountains and stunning hills, offering walking trails and spectacular views of Guangzhou – perfect for keen hikers and photographers alike. China’s current football champions and Asian Champions League 2013 winners, Guangzhou Evergrande, are also based in the city.

About BMW Guangzhou Branch (South Region).

BMW Group Guangzhou.
  • The Gangzhou Branch is located in Central Tower at the heart of Guangzhou most prosperous CBD-Zhujiang New Town in Tianhe District. The Gangzhou Branch is home to two legal entities: BMW China Automotive Trading Ltd., responsible for regional sales, marketing & aftersales activities; and BMW China Automotive Finance (China) Co. Ltd. that offers not only financial products but also intimate customer-oriented services.
  • The Central Tower offers an open veranda midway up the tower and a spacious and light-filled work environment. The BMW offices are located just above the veranda on 26th floor providing easy access to the outdoor area as well as a unique view over the city.
  • The Plaza is situated in the new and modern Zhujiang New Town, with wide-ranging real estate, commercial service industry, finance, tourism, Internet and hi-tech industry with coordinate development.


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