Two colleagues are analysing data on a screen.

Information technology.

New solutions emerge when thinking isn't hard wired.

Information Technology is both the driving force behind the innovations that make driving our vehicles such a pleasure – and the software, platforms and processes that keep the engine of our daily business running optimally.

That’s why we are always looking for talented software developers and IT specialists who can help us continue harnessing the power of data for our people and customers in the following areas.

In Automotive IT, your unconventional thinking and dedication to dynamic team work could help us continue to shape the vehicles of tomorrow with new breakthroughs in areas like human-machine interfaces and next-generation driver assistance systems.

In Corporate IT, your ideas and expertise could be vital in helping us to optimise all our business processes by continuously developing and maintaining the smart IT infrastructure, new software and customer-facing platforms that keep the engine of our daily business running at peak performance.

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Join us on the forefront of the Information Technology revolution, as we drive innovation in the automotive industry.

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