Page Overview: Production
The picture shows a concentrated worker in the BMW production.


Production is where our network of international teams takes on the daily challenge of ensuring each and every vehicle that comes off our lines perfectly meets our customers’ wishes. And with literally millions of configuration possibilities, it’s a highly complex job to ensure every order is fulfilled on time, in the most efficient way – to our own exacting standards.

As a technical pioneer, we are continuously evolving our approach to vehicle development and transforming our production in order to stay at the cutting edge of new advancements. The focus is on automating production in an optimal way by harnessing the power of the Internet of Things to enable smart communication between products and processes. Our specialist teams are given the creative freedom they need to truly innovate. Working in close cooperation with each other across a broad variety of disciplines their goal is to bring our vision for the fully integrated digital factories of the future to life. Big data specialists, IT architects, software developers and control engineers work hand in hand to develop, build and implement pioneering solutions.

That’s why we are always looking for passionate experts in those areas to bring fresh ideas and new impetus to our teams.

Your solutions in this pioneering field could not only help us shape our entire global logistics and production network – but the way vehicles are made for good.

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