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Diversity – in every form – is one of the most important success factors for us. Because as diverse as our customers, suppliers and investors are worldwide, so diverse are our teams, which manage to put a smile on our customers' faces every day.

And we know that passion knows no differences, so we encourage diversity in all our teams. Because if you want to set standards in shaping the sustainable and individual mobility of the future, you also have to go ahead with the corporate culture. This diversity in our teams enables us to better understand, reflect and make more intelligent decisions about the various requirements of our stakeholders from all over the world. Our diversity is the cornerstone of our company's success and not only secures our innovative strength, but also our long-term competitiveness.

This graphic shows some facts about diversity at the BMW Group.




To us, equal opportunities for everyone are not an empty promise, but a reality we live by – every day and everywhere. Because we know that it is the varied and mutually complementary perspectives and approaches of each individual that make us strong enough to face our challenges. 


The skills of our female colleagues are an essential element to the success of the BMW Group. Not only do we appreciate their expertise and dedication – but also their communicative skills which prove invaluable in creating a better togetherness. With our women's network and other internal organisations, we offer them the best conditions for networking and exchange with each other.


We also work closely with external partners to further strengthen our commitment to gender diversity, including PANDA – the Women Leadership Network and the "TogetherAgainst Sexism Alliance".

Ein erfahrener Kollege zeigt einem Azubi einen Arbeitsschritt im BMW Group Werk


The average number of years an employee works for the BMW Group is increasing. This is due to an earlier entry into the company, as well as a later exit, e.g. due to rising retirement ages. In order to benefit from the strengths and experiences of employees of different ages, we have introduced a variety of programmes for flexible and mobile working.

eine Rollstuhlfahrerin amüsiert sich zusammen mit ihren BMW Azubis


By creating optimal, barrier-free working conditions we ensure that all of our colleagues, whether they have a disability or not, feel comfortable and empowered to shape creative processes from a variety of different perspectives. Because we know that different perspectives play an essential role in us achieving great things together, every day. We use innovative digitalisation and industry 4.0 solutions to make work easier, in particular for our colleagues with disabilities.


We also get involved outside of our company e.g. through cooperations with programmes for the disabled and our engagement as part of the Valuable 500.

eine Gruppe von BWM Mitarbeitern die vor einem Gebäude steht und Luftballons steigen lässt


We are proud to have colleagues from over 100 different nations in our teams, and strive to promote cultural exchange through targeted talent development, inter-cultural engagement and intensive international exchange.

eine Gruppe von BWM Mitarbeitern mit Regenbogenflaggen hinter einem bunten i8 herlaufen


For us, diversity means living a culture that is based on appreciation and respect, so that people of all origins can contribute and develop with their personality and identity.


BMW Group PRIDE stands for exactly that. The network acts as the mouthpiece of the LGBTIQ+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer) where diversity, equality, trust, respect and inclusion come first. Together, we ensure a positive, tolerant and open work environment in which everyone is welcome regardless of their sexual identity. 


We also send a clear signal to the outside world: in 2021, for instance, we joined the PROUT EMPLOYER network of the Prout at Work Foundation and signed the "UN Standards of Conduct for Business for Tackling Discrimination against LGBTI people". We also commit ourself as partner of the "Together Against Sexism Alliance".

Abbildunge der Charta der Vielfalt


In 2011, we took a proactive approach to the topic of diversity by joining the Diversity Charter, a corporate initiative dedicated to making recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity a part of German corporate culture. By signing the Charter, we pledged to create a working environment free of prejudice.


We pursue our goal of a diverse, inclusive culture not only internally. We use our voice to inspire, to convince and to stimulate dialogue, thus promoting open, appreciative togetherness.

a man talking in sign language
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Passion speaks all languages. Our aim is to offer an ideal work environment for every single team member in order to make everyone feel comfortable and empowered to shape the future of mobility.

International tolerance day
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Passion knows no difference. Diversity is an indispensable element for the future of the BMW Group. Diversity and individuality make us strong and innovative in order to lead the way to a better and sustainable tomorrow.


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As an international company, we highly appreciate the diversity of cultures and therewith multilingualism. The mother language is part of everyone‘s identity, and it is our deep-rooted identity that empowers us to create a better future. Because the more languages we speak, the more passion there is.

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Passion knows no right or wrong. We welcome and appreciate you no matter which gender you belong to or whom you are in love with. That is why we give our colleagues the same chances and support them with individual solutions.


a woman with the red aids sign on his jacket
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At the BMW Group, we are all united by one passion. There is no room for discrimination. Just as there is no room for HIV stigma. We show our support for people living with HIV, their families and their rights.

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It is about what we say, not how. In order to create ideal working conditions, we ensure that all colleagues feel comfortable and are able to be part of creative processes. Only this way, we can drive transformation.


Diversity is a multifaceted term – especially when we talk about its dimensions and implementation in the company. Colleagues from different areas of the BMW Group answer the question of what exactly defines diversity and what it looks like in everyday life.

Ilka Horstmeier giving an interview

"Diversity is the foundation of our success. A working environment free of prejudice, combined with respectful coexistence, are important requirements for this."

Member of the Board of Management of the BMW AG Human Resources and Labour Relations.

Stefan Kasperowski giving an interview

"We benefit from the diversity of our employees and their different perspectives. After all, our customers also differ in terms of their nationality, age and gender."

Head of Production High-Voltage Storage Generation 5 Dingolfing, Regensburg.

a woman and a man discussing a work topic.

"Diversity in my team offers us the great advantage that we can bring together the different experiences of the individual employees. Open communication and appreciation – both part of our corporate culture – are very important to me and I'm committed to living by them."

Head of Project Management Product Line BMW M.

A woman in a wheel chair.

"My team stands for diversity, culture, a friendly atmosphere and flexible working hours. The diversity in my team helps us to understand, reflect and make more intelligent decisions."

Software Specialist Base System.

Frank Weber, Member of the Board of Management: Development.

"We ensure that all employees work in an environment that is characterised by 100% tolerance and thus makes 100% performance possible. This is a personal concern for me. Therefore: Zero tolerance for intolerance and discrimination!”

Member of the Board of Management, Development.