Exterior view of the BMW plant Manaus
Exterior view of the BMW plant Manaus


In 2016, the BMW Group opened up the first exclusive motorcycle production facility outside of Germany. Yet BMW Motorrad history with Brazil started already earlier in 2009, when the company commissioned Dafra Motos in Manaus to assemble motorcycles for the local Brazilian market. BMW than took over the assembly plant in 2016 and, since then, has been producing several of its motorcycles there.

With an initial capacity of 10,000 units per year, BMW hired more than 175 employees and works together with over 45 local suppliers to match local demands. To even better target those demands, nine different motorcycle models are manufactured for the Brazilian market with a production space of around 8,000 square meters. After production, the finished motorcycles are taken to BMW’s distribution center in Sao Paulo where they will be delivered to their end-customer.


The picture shows a BMW location with the brand logo.


Despite the isolated location of Manaus, the city encompasses thriving industries and a mesmerizing, vibrant mix of cultures. As the capital of Amazonas, Brazil’s largest state, Manaus’ culture is shaped by a mix of indigenous tribes throughout the area as well as settlers from the European region. The city is known as the “Heart of the Amazon” as being located in the center of the largest rainforest of the world.

Overall, living in Manaus is heavily influenced by its very close location to River Negro and the Amazonas rainforest. The city’s history was shaped by the rubber industry which made Manaus famous in the 1870s. Yet, when the rubber industry crashed, Manaus shifted its focus to other industries while being a free trade area. Its current economic thrive is still mainly based on the free economic zone called Industrial Park of Manaus. The city, furthermore, has access to a free port and international airports, enabling international companies to ship and fly in their products very easily at a low cost.

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