Interior view of the BMW office in Sao Paulo
Interior view of the BMW office in Sao Paulo


The BMW Group started its history in Brazil in 1995, as a national sales company. Four years later, in order to support sales and generate additional profit, BMW Group Financial Services was established in the Brazilian market. Since than both businesses were growing steadily, in 2019 leading to over 48 BMW sales outlets and over 13,000 registrations of new BMW cars, while the motorcycles business has 42 sales outlets and over 11,000 registrations of new BMW motorcycles, and having over 20,000 active financing contracts. BMW Group customers are offered customized financing plans according to their needs, as well as insurance products and branded Consórcio. Besides that, Financial Services also supports dealers’ business by offering commercial financing.

Believing in the potential of the Brazilian market, two separate production plants were built in the country. One in Santa Catarina, where plant Araquari started to operate in 2014 producing BMW and MINI cars especially for the Brazilian market. The second facility is located in the north of the country, specifically in Manaus/AM, where BMW Motorrad opened up its first 100% foreign production in October 2016.


interior view of a dining area at the Sao Paulo office


Sao Paulo, or also called “Sampa” by locals, is the largest city in Brazil and offers intense cultural experiences for its visitors. A beyond comparable flora and fauna, nice and charismatic people, bright colors, music and scents from all over the world encircle every traveler here, as soon as they take their first step off the airplane. Sao Paulo is a melting pot of different cultures with a large Italian and Japanese influence among others. This diversity has led to mesmerizing combinations of art, food and music that make Sao Paulo so interesting to explore.

In addition to the incredible cultural influence, Sao Paulo offers great value to companies and investors by providing the largest economy in terms of GDP in the Southern Hemisphere and Latin America. The city, moreover, offers its own stock exchange and therefore an economic core institution for the financial service sector. Overall, over 63% of international companies in Brazil are located in Sao Paulo which, once more, fosters the city’s immense importance on global trade. Besides, Sao Paulo has been known as hosting one of the largest hubs of German businesses worldwide.

A short summary.

Foundation of the BMW national sales company in Sao Paulo.

Establishing the BMW Group Financial services to support the sales company.

BMW firstly introduces MINI to the Brazilian market.

Official communication about plans to build a car manufacturing plant in Araquari.

Official inauguration of Plant Araquari, planning to produce the BMW 3 Series, X1, X3 and X4 and MINI Countryman.

Inauguration of Plant Manaus, the first 100% foreign production facility to produce BMW motorcycles.

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