Two BMW employees working together on a sustainability project.


We aspire to be the most successful and sustainable premium producer for individual mobility. It is our clear intention to establish an increasing number of solutions for greater sustainability. To achieve this, we have set ourselves ambitious goals that have a decisive impact on our day-to-day activities – in terms of the sustainable development of urban areas, with regards to our products, the sphere of responsibility for people and in the field of production and value added chain. Bold visions and distant targets are fine and good because they provide orientation. However, what really matters is that we make an effective contribution to environmental and climate protection here and now. In order to implement concrete measures today as well as develop for the future and future generations, a strong and passionate team is the foundation. The people working at the BMW Group are driven by making an impact and shaping transformation. As a premium car company, it is our ambition to lead the way in sustainability. With this mindset, the sustainability strategy of the BMW Group and the working environment provided, we will be able to tackle a variety of new challenges while growing personally. All this complies with the idea of sustainability, the underlying guiding principle – which can only be progressed with courageous colleagues that takes responsibility.

Sustainability is not just a trend for us. We take responsibility – here and today – and we will be taking sustainability to a whole new level.


das Bild zeigt ein Auto und einen Kolibri
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das Bild zeigt ein grünes Feld mit Windrädern zur Gewinnung von nachhaltiger Energie.

Since 2020, the BMW Group only uses renewable energy sources – worldwide!

das Bild zeigt ein rotes Auto in der nachhaltigen Produktion bei BMW.

The BMW Group lowered the energy consumption per produced vehicle by 55% since 2006.

das Bild zeigt das Recycling von Aluminiumabfällen aus der nachhaltigen Produktion von BMW.

99% of the annual production waste is recycled and used.

das Bild zeigt die komplette nachhaltige value added chain der BMW Group.

The BMW Group aims to reduce supply chain CO2 emissions per vehicle by 20% from 2019 levels by 2030.


das Bild zeigt eine Kuh und einen Mann auf einem Feld.

In South Africa the electricity from a biogas plant covers 31% of the needs of the BMW Group plant in Rosslyn.

das Bild zeigt ein einen blauen MINI aus dem carsharing Angebot der BMW Group.

In 2019, several million customers in Europe used the BMW Group's car sharing offer.

das Bild zeigt eine Ärztin die den Blutdruck bei einem BMW Group Mitarbeiter misst.

As part of the "Health Initiative", so far 28,500 employees have taken part in health checks.

das Bild zeigt ein einen blauen LKW der ein nachhaltiges BMW Group Werk verlässt.

Our plant in Regensburg has tested HGVs running on liquefied natural gas as an ideal alternative to diesel, especially over long distances.


das Bild zeigt drei Mitarbeiter der BMW Group die auf einen Plan schauen.

Since the beginning, the BMW Group has been participating in the Responsible Cobalt Initiative (RCI) in order to increase transparency and governance, and implement collective measures to overcome social and environmental risks in the cobalt supply chain.


Sustainability is a complex issue. Many aspects play a role in how and where sustainability is successfully implemented. Experts from different fields talk about their jobs, their idea of a sustainable world and where the BMW Group currently stands: What are the challenges we face? What new solutions are there? And how do we successfully approach sustainable development and protect our environment?

Das Bild zeigt Daniela Leiterin Nachhaltigkeit Design bei der BMW Group
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Sustainability is leading the industry, and thus also our company…


Head of Sustainability Design

Das Bild zeigt Anna Spezialistin Nachhaltigkeit Interieur bei der BMW Group
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There is a lot of energy and willingness amongst my colleagues to step up…


Specialist Sustainability Interieur

Das Bild zeigt Eva Testmanagerin Hochvoltspeicher bei der BMW Group

We have a great team working on the sustainable development of high voltage batteries …


Testmanager High Voltage Battery

Das Bild zeigt Andrea Fachexperting Nachhaltigkeit im Lieferantennetzwerk der BMW Group

Sustainability is something that I've personally followed for years…


Senior Expert Sustainability Supplier Network

Das Bild zeigt Samira Testmanagerin E-Antrieb der BMW Group

I am happy and proud at the same time to be part of this transformation …


Testmanager Electric Powertrain

Das Bild zeigt den sustainability value report der BMW Group

BMW Group Report 2020.

All facts and figures can be found in our current Report.


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