We believe in supporting a progressive culture that allows all our associates to feel valued, enjoy equal opportunities and to grow with us. This is why our culture is founded on five core values, which set the tone for how we work together and how we treat each other.


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The picture shows colleagues in a meeting.

Diversity is part of the BMW Group and is a driving force for innovation and new ideas. It is the engine of our success – today and in the future – a diverse workforce is an important force for innovation. 2011 also saw the BMW Group sign the Diversity Charter, which is under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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As a global entity, the BMW Group takes a holistic approach to the topic of equality to ensure there is equal representation of female staff in the workforce, in particular, within management positions.

To promote and encourage this, effective incentive structures have been introduced that encourage greater work-life balance and targeted action has been taken to reach out to young women to attend our training and academic programmes - one of the successes being the Global Leader Development Programme.

The picture shows three colleagues in a meeting, one of them sitting in a wheelchair.

Globally, our culture of appreciation and equal opportunity means we value and are working towards a universal approach in embracing diversity. Support for people with disabilities also forms part of the BMW Group’s social commitment and social responsibility.

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