Terms of use.

Many thanks for using the BMW Group global career page. We are striving to offer you consistent user experience around the world at our BMW Group entities and locations – no matter where you apply. In order to achieve this we have started implementing a global recruiting solution along with career pages for certain BMW Group locations.

1.         Career Pages

The local career pages fall under the responsibility of the entities in the specific countries and the ownership as well as the legal responsibility are stated in the footer of every country-specific career page. In every job advertisement the legal entity responsible for this job is shown next to the job title and at the end of each job description. Therefore full transparency about which BMW Group entity is responsible is provided for the respective job posting and for the content of the job description.

2.         Applicant Tracking System

In order to ease the application process for the candidates, more and more BMW Group entities are using the BMW Group Global Recruiting System. BMW AG, located in Munich, is providing the technical basis for the recruiting system for specific BMW Group entities. Before you enter any personalized data into the system, you will be presented with a privacy statement that explains how we use the personalized date provided, who has access to it and where it is stored. Any country-specific regulations are also explained in this privacy statement.

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