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The picture shows the union buildings in Pretoria.

The picture shows the Gate 1 entrance of Plant Rosslyn.

The picture shows an aerial view of Plant Rosslyn.


With its subtropical climate, the so called ‘Jakaranda city’ Pretoria offers a homely lifestyle in a diverse environment. The capital of South Africa established a solid infrastructure, whereby the vibrant scene and city life of Johannesburg is not far away.

Home to over 3.500 associates, our Plant Rosslyn is located only 20 min from the city center of Pretoria.


Located right in the northern part of the province Gauteng, Pretoria is the capital city of South Africa and home to almost 700.000 people. With the many diverse cultural influences it got its different architecture uniqueness from colonial to modern up to art deco styles with a good mix of typical South African characteristics.

The three different main universities, gave Pretoria the name to be the ‘academic city’ within South Africa, which also of course influences the general city vibe. Youngsters and students you will mostly find in the center or the eastern part of the city, where most of the universities but also bars, and a lot of multicultural as well as typical South African restaurants are located. For daily shopping you can either go to one of the many malls within Pretoria or visit a local farmer or flea market. To have a stroll around after your workday, you may want to go to the central business district where you can find beautiful historical buildings, many museums like for example the cultural history museum ‘African Window’ and theatres.

For those who would like to escape the city life, you will find many different attractions, activity parks and camp sites within a radius of a 45min drive. A crater of humankind – where recently the origins of mankind were discovered, or the Hartbeespoort dam, also called Harties by locals, has become a hive of activities and is a very popular destination for weekend getaway.


Located roughly 30km from the city center of Pretoria, our plant in Rosslyn has been built in 1974 and ever since developed its production and export by constant investment into the plant.

By the end of 1996, Plant Rosslyn had adapted its entire production to become the first South African car producer to launch a fully-fledged export programme. Today, over 85% of production is destined for export markets, making BMW one of South Africa’s leading exporters of premium vehicles and components and a significant contributor to the South African economy.

By opening the Vehicle Distribution Center (VDC) in ’99, the central holding and distribution area for all BMW vehicles in South Africa has been ensured.

The 35,628 hectares big plant area is also home to our Early Learning Center, our Health Management Service Center and the onsite Gym, which are available for all our associates. Also the plant has an included canteen with subsidized food as well as a coffee bar located at the site, which not only serves coffee but also delicious cake.

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The picture shows the union buildings in Pretoria.

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