Life in Warsaw.

With nearly a quarter of the city entwined with lush forests, parks and gardens, and a robust bike lane and bike sharing system in place, nature enthusiasts and people seeking a healthier and active lifestyle will be delighted at the sight of a green mosaic painted into Warsaw’s urban landscape. 

Warsaw is also recognized as one of Europe’s budget-friendly escapes. With an excellent and expansive public transportation system in place, getting around the city is extremely easy, fast, and affordable. Vibrant entertainment scenes, a wide array of international cuisines, a lively collection of bars and clubs – it’s possible to experience it all and have fun without leaving a steep dent on your pockets.

Midsummer evenings in Poland bring to you a number of festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and international events. A walk through the city will introduce you to a vibrant range of aromas wafting from freshly made Polish native pierogis and pork dishes to international culinary delights such as burgers, sushi, and crepes. Warsaw’s snowy winters are nothing to shy away from as the city offers an abundance of winter attractions. From ice-skating rinks and Christmas markets to beautifully illuminated streets and festively decorated city squares, there is so much to do and see in this quaint city. 

Within just a short period of time, Warsaw has grown to become such a booming multicultural hotspot in Europe. Home to a significantly large and diverse expat community, newcomers will find no issues with raising a family and adapting to the local culture and environment in Warsaw.