Tobi, a former quality intern now working as a pricing analyst standing in front of a wall with the Alphabet logo at the Alphabet office in Farnborough.

I did an internship in the Quality department at MINI Plant Oxford as part of my Accounting degree and really enjoyed it. My Quality internship enabled me to get a foot in the door of engineering without having studied in the field of science. I learned so much about how things work in a technical way, as opposed to what the average person knows about cars. When I left MINI I was put on a “come back” programme to help me to return after I finished my Accounting degree.

I’m now a Pricing Analyst within Alphabet, which is part of the BMW Group, and my role is pretty fast-paced. The market is always moving so we have to analyse what we need to do to improve our market position, and how we can sharpen our strategy to get ahead of the competition. It’s exciting.

Future mobility is what BMW Group is all about and there are plenty of chances to move around the business. I've come from engineering and accounting backgrounds. I've been able to explore roles in engineering and in finance teams. I don't think there are many companies where you have the opportunity to go from one extreme to the other.

Tobi, Pricing Analyst at Alphabet GB, Farnborough

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