Tmak, an intern for Bespoke Leather Manufacturing smiling at the camera

From the moment you join as an intern, you’re treated as part of the team. Straight away I was working with planners, the production team and the development team - these are the people that make the products and it’s so exciting to be involved.

I work on projects for bespoke orders. I deal with the leather requirements for those projects, from small stock to volume orders. The planners make sure everything is available and ready for the production team to get to work. It’s my job to relay messages so that everyone from the designers to the engineers are all working together.

Being able to see how products are assembled, how to make a headrest, how to cover a door, and following the whole process from the beginning of a design to a part being made, is fascinating.

There is support and training for every task. From learning how to use bespoke software to operating machines that we use for sewing, cutting and embroidery, there are a lot of new skills to learn and ways in which you can develop.

Tmak, Bespoke Leather Manufacturing student

We accept applications from students with a range of degrees and we are particularly interested in those with a STEM focus. If you would like to find out more or apply, please continue exploring this page.