Mekaheel a product marketing assistant standing in front of the BMW location in Farnborough

I did a placement year as product marketing assistant at the BMW Group National Sales Company. Being able to work at a place like this was so enticing – I went into university not knowing what I wanted to do but aligning myself with what the company is doing and be amongst such a successful environment was a great starting point for my career.  

As an intern at BMW Group, you’re very much involved in what goes on. I’ve had causal conversations with the CEO several times! It’s a really integrated place – you can ask anyone anything and it’s so welcoming. I really felt like the decisions I made impacted the company as a whole.

I had a great manager who put me in contact with a few mentors within the company. I got really good advice and support that helped me with the transition from university into the workplace. 

The most memorable part of placement was working at Goodwood Festival of Speed! I was involved with the world premier for the 2 Series which involved behind the scenes activities like making sure that the information shared on social and ticketing was correct. 

The best thing about my role was getting a glimpse of what new models the other teams were releasing and witness everything that was going on across the company. I loved being able to tell people I worked at BMW and seeing new cars before everyone else was really cool! 

I would tell anyone it’s a great company to work for. If you want to work with friendly, clever people it’s a great place to be – you can see why the company is so successful.

Mekaheel, Product Marketing Assistant, BMW UK, Farnborough

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