Hannah, an Audit student at the Quality department standing in front of different BMW and MINI cars, smiling at the camera

I’ve always had an interest in engineering. When considering an internship, I wanted to see behind the scenes, get involved with cars and explore a potential career in a big company. During my time with BMW Group I can happily say I’ve achieved this. In my role, I get a hands-on experience working closely with my team to ensure the quality and support continuous improvements of our products.  BMW Group prides itself on equal opportunities for everybody. I really feel like my opinion is valued as much as all my colleagues, and as a woman, I haven’t seen any divide. Overall, I feel like I’m not just an intern, I’m part of the team. It’s really a great place for careers in STEM – I’ve been able to get involved with big projects and my day-to-day work is important within the company. From being placed in a role where I can use my skills but also keep learning on the job, it’s clear there’s so much potential for growth within the company. Every day there's a new challenge and I really like that. It’s not repetitive, and I feel like I have as much responsibility and as much of an impact as any full-time employee. On top of that, everybody is just so lovely and there’s an absolutely brilliant atmosphere. Being here is more than just about the work, it’s about being part of something different. After I finish my degree I would love to apply for a graduate role here.

Hannah, Audit Intern, MINI Plant Oxford Studying Business Management at UWE, Bristol

We accept applications from students with a range of degrees and we are particularly interested in those with a STEM focus. If you would like to find out more or apply, please continue exploring this page.