Charlie, a product quality tester at the MINI plant Oxford smiling at the camera

I've always been passionate about cars but I was drawn to BMW Group because it’s a particularly progressive company in terms of sustainability, as well as it being a pioneer of many different technologies in the automotive industry. 

The transition towards electric vehicles is so exciting to me. As a company, we were some of the first to produce electric vehicles for the mass market. The company is so future focused and continues to push the boundaries. 

My placement was in the Quality department, which is responsible for upholding the quality of our cars. We’d audit pre-series cars, products that aren't public knowledge yet! And no two days were identical. There were the regular processes and procedures, but we were also given responsibility for projects alongside our day-to-day work. One of my projects was to help implement a process for identifying and resolving imperfections. I created a presentation to explain how that should be used and we rolled it out to other plants, as well presented it to associates in China - I was quite proud of that!

I really like the community feel of BMW Group. I worked with a very supportive group of people, who were always there to support me, answer any questions and encourage me to build my network.

One of the things I was most surprised by was how I was given a voice in large meetings and encouraged to speak up. The company is very good at listening to everyone and no one’s opinions are overlooked. 

Charlie, Product Quality Tester, MINI Plant Oxford

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