Adrian, a material and process analysis intern at the BMW plant Hams Hall

My placement was in material and process analysis in the labs at BMW Group Plant Hams Hall. If there’s a material defect, I’d investigate it and report back to the factory. It was great to bring my learning into a real life setting and the technical side was very relevant and transferable into industry. 

I applied because I was keen to gain experience where engines are made, but also expose myself to people with all different kinds of experience. Here, one meeting involves multiple departments coming together, so you get a good insight to the wider business. 

I got to learn the ropes of a professional environment and understand office culture. Everyone was very welcoming, and there was a whole cohort of us who had setup a group chat before we joined which we used to communicate our concerns and organise a house together.

I kept a professional development record of the skills I’ve learned and activity that facilitated it, which made me really aware of how everything I did on my placement impacted my career in the long term. I was in contact with my supervisor a lot, always getting feedback on what I could improve on. 

For me, the best thing was the variety of the investigations – it was never the same things twice and always involved hands on work. When an investigation came in I’d be on my feet, using a lot of expensive equipment – it doesn’t get old.

There’s great international contact and opportunities too, as we sell cars to every continent. Even in my limited time and with travel restrictions, I was able to collaborate across US, Germany, China and South Africa. 

Adrian, Material and Process Analysis Intern, BMW Group Plant Hams Hall

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