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BMW IT professionals, two male ones and a female one, are attending a meeting.


As a global leader in our field, we’re constantly searching for passionate professionals to work alongside us in shaping the future of automotive. If you’re looking for a fresh challenge, there will always be exciting opportunities to explore with us.

Becoming part of our innovative, dynamic teams will provide you with the opportunity to tackle diverse challenges and make a real contribution in your chosen field. We will offer you a broad range of development opportunities; enabling personal and professional growth, enhancing your skills and expertise – and shaping the career you’ve always wanted.

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You could work within a wide range of business areas, including Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics and Finance, amongst others.

Our central and regional Sales teams provide personal operational support to our dealer network, managing all aspects of the ordering and production of our vehicles.

You could help deliver results as part of the Sales Operations team for our super luxury Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Or you could get to grips with sales channel development.

Wherever you choose, we’re looking for market-savvy colleagues who can bring talent, drive and fresh thinking, build strong personal relationships and help us continue to grow in one of the world’s most competitive markets.

If you join us in Sales, you could be based at either our Goodwood office near Chichester or the Summit ONE campus in Farnborough.

We take exceptional care of our customers because we believe that every BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce driver deserves a premium service. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy, and providing expert warranty, accessories and spare parts support too.

If you’re passionate about Rolls-Royce, you could join us within Ownership Services helping to create the ultimate experience for our customers. Or as a business analyst helping to oversee our logistics operation.

We’re looking for well-organised, customer-focused colleagues to join us. Your drive and passion can help us continuously improve the quality and range of services we offer – throughout the entire lifecycle – transforming customers into delighted ambassadors for our brand.

If you join us in Aftersales, you could be based at either our Goodwood office near Chichester or the Summit ONE campus in Farnborough.

We’re continuously pushing the limits of what’s possible to develop pioneering new products and technologies that will shape the future of sustainable mobility.

That means there’s loads of opportunity within our Engineering department to make an impact, be that within Electrical Engineering, our Tooling department or Product and Process.

We’re looking for innovative thinkers and visionary engineers to help us tackle the defining challenges of our time in areas from electric mobility to vehicle digitalisation. Your vision and collaborative skills could play a decisive role in helping us not only create the next-generation of ground-breaking products and technologies – but to make automobile history.

Joining us in Engineering means you could be based at any of our plants in Goodwood, Oxford or Hams Hall.

Logistics is where our dynamic team of experts take on the daily non-stop challenge of ensuring all the essential items for our business get where they’re needed – and all our customer requirements are met with impeccable timing.

There are a wide range of opportunities available in Logistics, from supporting the Logistics team with supply chain, packaging and transportation to being involved with Physical Logistics and ensuring internal and external services provide supply parts on time.

We’re looking for colleagues with an interest in logistics, who can help us to continuously optimise our distribution network and deliver the world-class level of service. Your ideas, and intuition could prove crucial in helping us to meet the myriad of daily logistical challenges we face – and you’ll play a vital role in keeping our business moving all over the world.

Joining us in Logistics means you could be based at any of our plants in Goodwood, Oxford or Hams Hall.

Our dynamic Finance teams support all areas of our business by providing the expert financial planning and management they need to meet their objectives. They also work to continuously develop our innovative portfolio of financial services so more customers can enjoy driving the BMW of their choice on their preferred terms.

Within Finance, you could be working in Sales Control, helping to financially steer and report on the cost of selling our vehicles worldwide or you could join one of our specific BMW Group Finance teams looking at operational finance or controlling overheads.

We’re looking for creative thinkers with an interest in finance to help us constantly improve the way we manage our financial resources and develop the best new financial products on the market. Your financial knowledge, intuition and passion for looking after the things that really count could prove invaluable in not only helping us meet our ambitious business goals – but in empowering more people to enjoy the pleasure of driving our vehicles.

Joining us in Finance means you could be based in Oxford, Goodwood or Farnborough.

Information Technology is the driving force of the software, platforms and processes that keep the engine of our daily business running optimally. It’s our IT teams who have to continuously develop and maintain the smart IT systems which keep everything running at peak performance.

You could join us in a range of different areas of IT; from IT Services, where you’ll be responsible for taking small IT projects from start to finish, to Infrastructure where you’ll look after all the network servers, telephones and devices at one of our sites.

We’re looking for talented people, who understand software development and IT, to help us continue harnessing the power of data.

Joining us in IT means you could be based in Oxford, Hams Hall or Goodwood.

Our teams in Human Resources make it their daily business to source, nurture and continuously support our people in developing fulfilling and rewarding careers with us.

There are a variety of areas you could join us within HR. Like supporting MINI production operations within Resources Planning, making sure our associates get paid accurately and on time within the Payroll team or taking a look at the wider picture in our Global HR team.

We’re looking for persons with great people skills who can help us continue to attract the best talent and provide the world-class support our associates need to meet their goals. Your passion and commitment to developing our people will help to foster the unique and progressive culture that makes BMW Group such a special place to work.

Joining us in HR means you could be based in Oxford, Hams Hall or Farnborough.

Marketing is where we collect and analyse customer insights to develop and steer the innovative strategies, concepts and campaigns that keep our brand at the forefront of the premium automotive market. It’s where we meticulously position and launch all of our new products.

You could join us in a broad variety of roles in areas like Brand Communications, where you’d be involved with brand strategy and governance, or Events and Partnerships, where you could be working on everything from National events to retailer conferences.

We’re looking for people with a passion for our brand, communications skills and the ability to analyse complex consumer and marketing data. You’ll help to continue setting new benchmarks in the way we communicate and introduce future generations of drivers to our iconic brand.

Joining us in Marketing means you could be based in Farnborough or Goodwood.

Our Manufacturing and Production teams have the outstanding technical skills to drive our vehicles from the drawing board to the road. We’re continually enhancing our sophisticated production processes to deliver the highly customised–to-order vehicles our global customers demand in the supreme quality they’ve come to expect.

Within Manufacturing and Production you have a broad range of fields to choose from. You could join us in areas such as Planning and Control helping to shape and steer plant development in the long-term, or Assembly Planning working on assembly structure and process planning for complex automation.

We’re looking for new production colleagues to help us deliver the highest standards of quality. Your ideas, expertise and dedication could play a crucial role in helping us optimise the way we work across our entire production chain – and meet our ultimate goal of manufacturing the world’s best vehicles.

Joining us in Manufacturing and Production means you could be based at our manufacturing plants in Oxford, Hams Hall or Goodwood.


Our dedicated team of quality experts make it their daily mission to ensure that premium materials continue to be the building blocks of our premium vehicles.

You could join us on the Rolls-Royce Assembly department, or within Total Vehicle Quality, getting hands-on with the development of exciting new products. You could also become a Tooling Engineer, supporting the machining production line.

We’re looking for colleagues with a feel for quality to help select the right cutting-edge materials for each and every part of our vehicles. You’ll have an eye for detail to test and ensure they meet our world-class standards and your commitment to looking after the tiniest details could make a huge difference to our quality management. Your role will go a long way towards enhancing the premium experience BMW Group customers can enjoy in future.

Joining us in Quality means you could be based in Oxford, Hams Hall or Goodwood.


Corporate Strategy is where our visionary teams monitor trends and analyse the changing global landscape in which we operate to develop the new strategies that keep us at the cutting edge of our business and future mobility.

We currently have roles available in Product Strategy and Support where you could be part of the various Technical Service and Warranty teams.

We’re looking for new visionary thinkers with excellent analytical skills to help us continue making the right moves in our strategic decision-making. You could be a driving force in helping us to shape not just the future directions of our business – but the world of mobility itself.

Joining us in Strategy means you’ll be based in our Farnborough offices.

Our Facility Management teams make it their daily business to manage and maintain our facilities and take care of all the details that ensure our associates and visitors can enjoy a secure and state-of-the-art working environment.

You could join us in Energy Management where you’ll develop, implement and promote energy efficient projects and measures. You’ll question how things are done and be encouraged to think of ways we can improve going forwards.

That’s why we are always looking for enthusiastic and well-organised colleagues who can help us to keep daily life across all our entities running smoothly. Your organisation skills and passion for supporting others could play a decisive role in enhancing the lives of everyone at the company – and help us to further develop our truly world-class working environment.

Joining us in Facility Management means you could be based in Hams Hall, Oxford or Goodwood.

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