Sven a Logistics Planner outside in front of a giant Plant Oxford banner

There’s plenty of training and support to build your skills, knowledge and confidence on the graduate programme. Working across teams and departments helps you to see how your department fits into the bigger picture and how other teams, and even other countries, work towards the same goal - to produce premium products that are respected all over the world.

I’m given far more responsibility than I expected and I’m only a year in! You're surrounded by some very intelligent people so there is always someone who can help you if you need –there’s a friendly atmosphere and everyone is happy to answer questions.

What I enjoy most about what I do is seeing the results of my hard work. I can see the final product in front of me rolling off the production line and I can see the car being built out of parts I’ve helped to plan. It’s a great feeling that I am trusted to make such an impact.


Logistics Planner

We accept applications from graduates with degrees in all backgrounds and we are particularly interested in those with a STEM focus. If you would like to find out more or apply, please continue exploring this page.