Recent Gradute Rachel at the MINI plant Oxford smiling at the camera

I chose BMW Group because I was attracted to the prestige of the company, the development that was offered, and the opportunity to travel as part of the role. When you join, the company help you develop your skills through free training courses, and down the line, you’re given opportunity to work in different areas of the business.

BMW Group opens a lot of doors for graduates, beyond what goes on at the factory. I’m now involved in the future of BMW Group and am currently working on our business strategy for next year alongside our directors. Later on, I’ll work with different managers to turn our strategy into tangible projects.

A highlight for me so far was the opportunity to go to Munich and work in the headquarters for six months. I got to learn a new language and see the heart of the company, and that really helped me to understand the purpose of the business.

The fact that I'm a woman in an industry that has historically been male-oriented has never been a problem here. There's a great community of people and I've found that whichever part of the business I'm working with, we can help each other in any way we can. BMW Group gave me everything I needed to take my STEM degree and turn it into a meaningful career. The graduate scheme was like a springboard into the company, and many of those who have taken part are now working in management roles.


Planned Development Specialist with a Focus on Business Strategy, Graduate Programme, MINI Plant Oxford

Graduated with a Master’s in Physics at University of Liverpool

We accept applications from graduates with degrees in all backgrounds and we are particularly interested in those with a STEM focus. If you would like to find out more or apply, please continue exploring this page.