Engineering Graduate Cara smiling at the camera

Cara was first attracted to Rolls-Royce’s graduate programme due to the exciting opportunities, technical skills that she could learn, and overall experience she could gain. The knowledge she built and guidance she received have all led her to her current role as a Quality Specialist.

“The graduate programme gave me a variety of experiences across different areas of the business and even included a placement in Munich. After a year on the scheme, during a review with my manager, we discussed opportunities for potential permanent positions in my final 6 months as a Grad."

During her time on the graduate programme, Cara worked with a variety of people across the business and built valuable professional connections. She enjoys how collaborative the culture is at Rolls-Royce, and how close-knit the teams are.

"I get to see the production line every day and work with people all over the company. We’re all quite close and it creates a very unique culture. You quickly build a really valuable network as everyone is in one building, working towards the same goal."

Cara always wanted to build herself a career where she could make an impact and be involved in key decision making. At Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, she felt empowered to share her ideas and take the lead on important projects.

“From day one it was hands on. My first big project was the build of a new product, so from there it was real – I was actually doing it. I was coordinating, organising, and building relationships with suppliers and engineers.”

From providing mentors to being an active member of a Gender Inclusion Group, Cara hopes to be a role model herself for aspiring future female joiners. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is a business that champions women and their careers, and Cara is proud to be a driving force of the company’s efforts.

"We started the gender inclusion network in January 2020. There’s about 30 of us who meet regularly and run virtual social events as a way to meet other women across the company. It’s a really great way for us to build our networks. I think role models for women are really important, especially in this industry."


Engineering Graduate

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