Maisie McDonnell, a maintenance apprentice at BMW Group Plant Hams Hall during her work

Go explore your options.

I was 15 when I joined Girls Go Technical. I was already interested in engineering, but I really didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in after I finished school. I was on work experience at BMW Group when I heard about Girls Go Technical. I thought joining the programme could help me to clarify which department I might like to go into. I also really liked the fact that this programme was tailored for girls. I wanted to see for myself how women worked within the business.

In groups of 5 or 6, we took part in different activities, including tours of the other manufacturing plants in Swindon and Oxford and team-building exercises. We got hands-on experience and shadowed people working in different departments. Half way through the week we actually disassembled and rebuilt an engine from scratch.

What I enjoyed most was finding out what working in manufacturing can be like and discovering the different roles involved. We were supported every step of the way, and everyone was really helpful and more than happy to answer our questions.

It was a definite eye-opener for me. There’s a lot more women than you’d expect and that number is growing. You can clearly see how we’re making an impact in the future of the business. The scheme showed me how I can get involved and I’d say that the skills I gained were invaluable. It’s really helped me explore my options. Now I’m an apprentice and I’m confident about the way my career is going.

Maisie McDonnell, maintenance apprentice

Our Girls Go Technical work experience programme is designed for young women, aged 16-18 (Year 11 and above) who want to get hands-on experience and discover what a career in the automotive industry looks like. If you want to find out more or apply, just keep exploring this page.