Michael, a control technician at the BMW plant Hams Hall

I’m driven to build my skills and experience.

I’m from Northern Ireland and moved over to the West Midlands for this opportunity. I’ve always been a practical learner, so I wanted to do something hands on and gain experience while studying towards a qualification. I found out about the apprenticeship programme and read into my role, which involves maintenance on production lines, and thought I’d be well suited as I’m really into DIY and practical tasks. 

It was when I travelled over for my assessment day at the Hams Hall Plant that I really got the full sense of the opportunity. Seeing the production line for the first time was amazing as it’s very high tech, very busy and yet so clean! BMW Group were really supportive in terms of helping me settle over here and even offered to introduce me to colleagues in a similar position – I know some of my colleagues are still living together.

One of the stand out things for me has been being recognised through the monthly ‘Fresh Thinking’ competition. It’s an initiative to celebrate people who’ve made process improvements on site and it was through supporting a specialist that I got to learn and contribute to something that’s being used in an industrial setting to improve quality.

I recommend a BMW Group apprenticeship to anyone with an interest. It’s an opportunity to build up skills you wouldn’t get elsewhere while getting a qualification and gaining experience – it’s such a good way to start your career. And of course, the car scheme is incredible – to have a choice of vehicle and get a new one no less than every 9 months at 18 years old is amazing! 


Control Technician, BMW Group Plant Hams Hall