Martin, a maintenance technician apprentice at the MINI plant Oxford

I’m driven by my passion for technology.

I’ve always enjoyed maths, physics and chemistry, and ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved taking things apart and understanding how they work! In my spare time I service race skis, and I enjoy creating computer-aided designs too, so when our lawnmower broke and needed a bracket, I was able to design and 3D print a better one to repair it.

Being a Level 3 Maintenance Apprentice with the BMW Group means I use my technical skills every day, whether I’m learning how to keep the production line running smoothly or working on projects to make the production of our cars more efficient.

When I first visited the MINI Plant, I was fascinated by the scale and precision of the technology that’s here. The building is huge; it takes 20 minutes just to get from one side to the other, and there’s a big warehouse filled with robots moving around like clockwork. It’s fascinating to see – and when I last went to Thorpe Park, I noticed that the rollercoasters use the same technology we have here!

One of the best parts about this apprenticeship is that if you put the effort in, it does get noticed. When there was a race to develop a ventilator that could be quickly produced during the Covid pandemic, BMW Group was asked contribute because we’ve got a 3D printing department. As I’d been researching how to improve our 3D printing processes, I was put forward for the opportunity by my group leader of training, which meant I got to help manufacture the prototype ventilators.

If you like working with your hands, and understanding how things work is something that really drives you, you’ll love it here. 


Maintenance Technician apprentice, MINI Plant Oxford