Harriett, Maintenance Technician Apprentice, MINI Plant Oxford

Driving BMW into the future.

I’ve learnt so much since beginning my apprenticeship at MINI Plant Oxford. All my colleagues here at Oxford have been really welcoming and friendly, and everyone is keen to share and pass on whatever knowledge and expertise they can. 

As a Maintenance Technician apprentice, my role entails shadowing maintenance associates throughout the day and transporting equipment and systems used to build the MINIs. I also work alongside my colleagues to try and find solutions to issues as quickly as possible. 

The variety of opportunities has really helped with both my professional and personal development. All my managers have been supportive. They’re always exposing us to different situations to further develop our knowledge. That way we can learn to trust our own instincts and gain confidence working independently.

So far, my time working with Maintenance has been one of my personal highlights. It’s fascinating to see how they identify the issues then solve them as quickly – and as thoroughly – as they can. They must adapt to a different issue each time. Observing them do so has given me plenty of knowledge to then take back to my studies and replicate later.

Everyone knows that BMW Group is one of the world’s leading car manufacturers, but their reputation for working with apprentices is equally impressive. It’s a great opportunity to work for one of the best manufacturers in the industry and be trained by their expert engineers. The apprentices are always stationed with the best engineers so we can learn and benefit from all their experience, which is great. 

With the guidance of our tutors and colleagues, we’ll be able to drive BMW Group into the future as the next generation of maintenance associates.


Maintenance Technician Apprentice, MINI Plant Oxford