Abigail, Control Technician Apprentice, BMW Group Plant Hams Hall

The only way to learn is to take on every challenge.

When a few friends from my engineering academy told me how much they had learnt on the BMW Group’s apprenticeship scheme, I was keen to join it myself. BMW Group are one of the biggest car brands in the world, and I knew they had an amazing reputation for working with and developing their apprentices. 

I recently started working within the BMW Group plant at Hams Hall as part of the maintenance team. I spend a lot of my time shadowing and learning about the different roles and skills required within the department and help on jobs where I can. 

For me, one of the best aspects of the apprenticeship is how accommodating and encouraging everyone has been towards my learning and development. Everyone has gone out of their way to expand my knowledge on whatever it is I’m working on. For example, I recently supported with replacing a large component that required us to dismantle a number of other components, and everyone made sure I had all the time that was needed to help the team fix the issue, and then to ensure that I understood each process behind our work.  

Every day is different. There’s always a new challenge or problem to solve. As someone who loves learning, it’s brilliant to be given so many opportunities to learn and develop each day, and to work alongside supportive people like my line managers and maintenance colleagues in the factory. 

The more you learn the more responsibility you are given, meaning there’s always room to improve, learn and progress. As an apprentice you’re moved to a different department within BMW every three months. That way, you gain a detailed overview of the entire company and how each of the departments work together. 


Control Technician Apprentice, BMW Group Plant Hams Hall.