apprentice Ronnie carefully working at BMW

At college, they were very big on UCAS and both my parents had been to university, so I initially went down that route. I’d received and accepted offers but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and wasn’t totally sold on the idea of university; I learn better by doing.

Having grown up around cars, I knew what Rolls-Royce meant and liked the idea of getting hands-on with a reputable name. My application was a bit last-minute, so the degree apprenticeships were full. My managers saw I wanted to learn and at the end of the two years, they offered me the opportunity to stay on for two more years and do a higher qualification, so it’s all worked out well in the end. 

When I started, I was only 18 and quite shy, but I’ve had support with developing my presenting skills and now I’m much more confident; I’m leading department meetings that include general managers and group leaders, which is huge, and unusual for an apprentice!  

I’ve done placements in various departments, including Quality and Planning, which has been great for meeting people and developing my network. My managers have recognised what I can do and introduced me to project management and steering, which I’m finding interesting. You’ve got to show you want to learn and ask questions: it gets picked up and you’ll have opportunities to try something new, different, and more challenging.

One of my placements was in Interior Trim, and they’ve now offered me a full-time job when my apprenticeship ends in August 2022.


Interior Trim Apprentice, Rolls-Royce, Goodwood.