Leathershop apprentice Mike, working diligently on his project

I’m inspired to learn from master artisans.

As a graduate, I was looking for a career change that would help me develop new skills and offer personal development. The challenge I had when I first joined the leathershop was making the transition from a desk job to working with my hands, but I’ve been inspired and supported by my colleagues, whom I now describe as ‘my extended family’.

I’ve enjoyed forming connections across different departments within Rolls-Royce, which has enabled me to pick up additional skills and knowledge outside of my immediate work environment. Looking back over my time as an apprentice, I can see just how much progress I’ve made and the changes I’ve undergone, both personally and professionally. Above all, I’ve come to appreciate the unique culture and attitude of the people I work with at Rolls-Royce, and would definitely recommend the programme to friends and family.


Leathershop Apprentice