Purchasing Apprentice Harvey at the office at MINI Plant Oxford

I’m driven to evolve with the business.

I work in the indirect purchasing team, and I’m the buyer responsible for manufacturing based logistics and services. This includes procuring goods and setting up contracts; for example, buying material handling equipment such as the robotics that move the car around the factory. We support the logistics team from a purchasing perspective, so they have the correct goods and services in place to deliver parts to the manufacturing line.

My Level 6 apprenticeship programme means I’m working towards my Chartered Business degree, involving modules in marketing, sales and business development. I study at college one day each week, and the other four days I’m a normal employee!

I’ve always enjoyed working with numbers and I took Business Studies at A Level, which inspired me to look for a corporate commercial role. Here, I use maths every day in some form. And in my spare time I’m on the committee of my local tennis club, which involves helping to make a lot of the business decisions for the club - it’s great to combine my passion for tennis with my aptitude for business.

What I most enjoy about my apprenticeship programme is simply the day to day work. I always feel challenged, there’s always something new to deal with or collaborate on, which makes you a really adaptable person. As a team, we have a vast array of experience; people have worked for other companies buying different commodities, there are so many people to learn from. The role demands a lot in terms of organisation and presentation skills, so you get great experience in those – to know that at 21 you come away with three years’ experience and a degree under your belt outweighed all the other options for me. 


Purchasing apprentice, MINI Plant Oxford