Estefania, Sales Apprentice at BMW

I joined Rolls-Royce straight from Sixth Form in September 2021 on a four year-year degree apprenticeship, studying Business & Management at the University of Chichester. I’ve started out as the first apprentice to do a placement in Sales; I’m working on projects, rather than just one job, which I like because it’s always changing from week to week. 

My first task was to analyse the training available for our Client Relationship Management platform and how I thought it could be improved. It involved talking to people in all our regions around the world to get their different viewpoints; I then summarised their feedback and presented it to the development team. I was also asked to create a central spreadsheet from scratch to report retailers’ key performance indicators: that meant learning Excel, which I’d never used before! 

I did a lot of research before I applied to Rolls-Royce. I was inspired by that fact that each car is personalised to the customer and made unique: the focus is on the client, and on quality, not quantity. Plus, it’s an international company with great opportunities for progression.

I moved to the UK from Colombia two years ago – my stepdad is from Liverpool and works for British Airways ¬– and spoke no English, but I’ve learned the language and I’m very happy here. Starting work at Rolls-Royce was a small step compared to that! 


Sales Apprentice, Rolls-Royce, Goodwood.