Duncan, Product Executive, Former Business apprentice, MINI UK

The only path to follow is the one you’re passionate about.

When I started my degree apprenticeship around 7 – 8 years ago I was really surprised by the level of diversity within the BMW Group. There are so many different approaches to conducting business within their MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW brands. It’s been interesting learning how each of BMW Group’s marques go about achieving the same goal: manufacturing and delivering quality cars to their customers across the world. 

I currently work as a Product Executive for MINI UK. It’s a very varied role, and I’ve been able to acquire an equally varied range of skills as a result. No two days are the same. On any given day I might be doing anything from liaising with the retail network, collaborating with the marketing teams, or even filming webinars focusing on MINI’s wide range of products. 

Growing up I always aspired to be a car designer, but soon found I couldn’t draw! My passion for the industry never left me, and the apprenticeship I undertook seemed the ideal means of kickstarting my career. The ability to balance my work at MINI with my studies at university was brilliant. It was a perfect fit for me. No one really knows where they may end up in their careers, but I’ve been able to explore different areas within the wider BMW Group, providing me with an ample opportunity to form my own opinion about my future, and discover where specifically I wanted to work

My proudest moment so far is seeing the results of the work. It could be when I’m on my commute and I spot a special edition I’ve helped to develop. Or perhaps talking to a customer at an event and hearing about how much they love their MINI. It’s a brand that truly captures the imagination of its customers and fans, to play a role in that makes me immensely proud.


Product Executive, Former Business apprentice, MINI UK