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BMW Finance.

At BMW Group France, BMW Finance supports individuals and professionals in purchasing their vehicles. In support of the network of BMW dealerships, the financial arm develops financing products such as credit, leasing with purchase option, or long-term leasing. In order to best meet our customers needs, BMW Finance also plays a facilitator role by developing services boasting high added value such as insurance, guarantees, or maintenance. Dedicated to achieving the best-possible financial performance, its 180 staff members are involved in a variety of professions, spanning such areas as finance, financial analysis, customer relationships, compliance, risks, marketing, and sales, as well as support roles such as human resources and working environment. Discover all the offers from BMW Finance.

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Inside BMW Finance.

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Our Professional Equality Index.

The Equal Opportunity Index is designed to advance equal pay for women and men within companies. It allows companies to measure, in all transparency, the pay gaps between the sexes and to highlight their points of profession.

The professional equality index is calculated on 100 points. Each indicator has a predefined number of points. Companies with between 50 and 250 employees score 4 indicators: the average pay gap between women and men (29 out of 40 for BMW Finance), the difference in the rate of individual increases between women and men (35 out of 35 for BMW Finance), the number of female employees who receive an increase when they return from maternity leave (15 out of 15 for BMW Finance) and parity among the ten highest paid employees (5 out of 10 for BMW Finance) The objective for the company is then to reach a score of at least 75 points out of 100.

BMW Finance has a Gender Equality Index of 84 out of 100 points in 2022.

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