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Data Scientist Coordinator

For a concept to fly, you need a team with its feet planted firmly on the ground. Specialists who can precisely steer highly complex systems while also ensuring everyone involved works together smoothly. This is the basis for achieving excellence. We want to make this an even greater part of our future, so we are currently seeking a:

As a Data Scientist Coordinator, you will be part of the “Digital Lab” with state-of-the-art innovation projects and digital solutions to optimize processes ensuring product quality and costs.

Furthermore, you will predict behavior of machines and create statistical and artificial intelligence models to ensure product quality, proposed and evaluate projects, provide prototypes and/or operational solutions by using digital technologies.


- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Systems, Software Engineering, or related field of study.
- 5+ years of professional experience in advanced analytics and statistics, data management and project management.
- Experience of the ETL process and data quality (e.g., Apache Beam, Airflow, Spark, nifi, AWS Glue).
- Knowledge in Big Data, Linux, Docker, and Kubernetes, Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Mahout, Script, etc., and machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, MXNet, Keras, OpenCv, Scikit-Learn, MLIB, Pattern, etc.
- Knowledge in programming languages, Python, R, Julia and comfortable working with SQL.
- Fluent business English.

Data Scientist Coordinator

San Luis Potosí
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