Working on exciting tasks and challenges with my colleagues always makes my day.

The picture shows a BMW employee from BMW South Africa sitting in an entrance hall of Plant Rosslyn.

How did you get to work today?

I drove in my BMW X2 xDrive 20i fleet vehicle. While commuting, I was also listening to an American culture comedy podcast.

Why did you come to work today?

I was looking forward to the exciting tasks and challenges of the day. I was also looking forward to seeing my work colleagues.

On which project / topic are you currently working? What was your most exciting project?

I am currently supporting a Global Compensation Management project for expat payroll process efficiency. My most exciting project was being a part of the Change Management team for the Shared Services Centre implementation in South Africa, in 2016.

What makes working at BMW Group special for you?

My family has always been a BMW family – my father drove a BMW 7 series, which is my favourite 7 series. So, my dream has always been to work for or be a part of the BMW brand.

Tell us something your co-workers don’t know about you.

Something my co-workers don’t know is that I enjoy reading and writing short-stories. Stories that touch on joy and humour behind everyday life.