It is just amazing to be surrounded by challenging but interesting tasks and passionate colleagues who are full of positive energy.

The picture shows a smiling young woman working at BMW Germany.

Which project are you currently working on? 

I am an intern in International HR Marketing & Recruiting. Part of my job is to help making the lives of our HR colleagues all over the world easier. Currently, I am working on eLearning materials for different kinds of HR Marketing measures. 

Why did you apply for this internship?

To be honest, I had not thought about doing an internship in Munich due to the physical distance from where I lived, but three things were really attractive and convincing for me. 

First, the job description itself: it was described very detailed, friendly and most of all, authentic. Also, I asked a friend who has done the same internship and what he told me about the company, the team and his experiences was all positive. For me, it was a real living information which I could really trust. And on top of that: it is BMW!

What makes working at the BMW Group special for you?

Diversity is what I love most about the BMW Group. My team consists of eleven members with five different nationalities. I enjoy working in a multinational working environment, because it broadens my perspective through communicating with people from diverse backgrounds. It is just amazing to be surrounded by challenging but interesting tasks and passionate colleagues who are full of positive energy.

Tell us something that your colleagues don’t know about you.

As some of my colleagues might already know, I have a great passion for cooking Korean food. What they might not know about me is that I spend a lot of my spare time exploring the roots of traditional Korean cuisine. This year I am up for making my own Korean rice wine called “Makgeolli” and I am already excited about it!