Our BMW Motorrad 'Make Life a Ride' claim fits perfectly with what I feel and experience in my day-to-day work.

The picture shows a BMW employee standing with a BMW bike.

On which Project/role are you currently working?

My current position is Urban Mobility Manager within BMW Motorrad Spain. Basically, my job is to create the best brand awareness and sales results for the Motorrad products designed for daily commuting and urban areas. In the Spanish market I concentrate my efforts on Maxi-Scooters, including C-Evolution, Midsize Roadster, the complete G 310 family and the new Midsize Scooter C 400 X that will be available very soon for our customers. Additionally, I support the team with the overall business planning, strategies and cross-functional projects in BMW Motorrad.

What makes working at BMW Motorrad special for you?

Basically, everything. Working for the most desirable brand of motorbikes, which leads the market in Spain, is just a dream come true. When I was kid I spent a lot of time reading motorcycle magazines instead of comics, making this my way of life is something that I could never have imagined. Our BMW Motorrad 'Make Life a Ride' claim fits perfectly with what I feel and experience in my day-to-day work.

What do you like most about your working environment?

Together with the fact of working with motorbikes, the fantastic team we have here in Spain. Everyone is fully focused on getting the best results, and we do it with fun, enjoying every day we spend in the office, or visiting our dealers or listening to our customers. Since I joined the team in 2015, I felt very welcomed by all this great team.

What is the coolest brand experience that you have enjoyed?

As you can imagine, all our brand experiences are incredible from a rider perspective. Testing brand new models, or taking part in our yearly BMW Motorrad Days in Spain are only two examples of what we can live as employees that are also fans of the brand. From my personal perspective, last year I celebrated my birthday buying a very special R Nine T Racer, the one that is with me in the pictures, a bike that I would like to keep forever in my garage.