I highly value the variety of opportunities the BMW Group offers for professional development.

The picture shows a BMW employee looking at a BMW pamphlete.

How did you get to work today?

Today and as on most days, I commute with public transport to the office. It is just convenient to spend the time reading books, listening to music or taking a look at what the day will bring or even reflect the day in the evening on the way home. Having said that, working for the BMW Group at its headquarters offers a lot of opportunities around your daily office routine. They for example subsidize my monthly ticket.

On which project/topic are you currently working?

Currently, I am working on the project Oil Strategy within the BMW Group Aftersales division and am taking care of the business development of the global oil business. It is a great experience as well as learning opportunity.

Furthermore, it is not only a central function but also an international role as I am in exchange with all our national sales companies globally. In this respect, I support them in creating a unique as well as excellent service performance with/ for their car.

What makes working at BMW Group special for you?

Working for a company like the BMW Group means first and foremost responsibility. It is the responsibility to deliver every day the best you can for our customers globally. Whatever I can contribute to driving the company into the future, I will!

I highly value the variety of opportunities the BMW Group offers for professional development. Whether it is the diverse roles you can experience across all business divisions or even having the opportunity to go abroad e.g. to work in a BMW Group plant or national sales company.

In fact, I have started my vocational career at BMW Group India right after university. Spending three years in New Delhi is definitely one of the best experiences in my life and made me learn a lot.

Tell us something, your co-worker don’t know about you?

That is a tough one. I guess my coworkers know me very well since we are spending most of the time of the day with each other at the office.