Page Overview: Playing cards with
  The picture shows a collage of all the BMW professionals having participated in the ‘playing cards with’ section on this website.


Find out more about our people over a game of cards.

The picture shows Rüdiger, sitting in a BMW office.


Master question: What would you do if you won the lottery? Maybe a trip to Thailand, Rüdiger’s favourite country.


If Michael was a BMW product, which one would he be? Well, there’re a lot of choices. Find out what he’s decided on.

The picture shows Michael, a general manager for release interior at BMW, sitting in front of the “playing cards with” wall at BMW.


Nail file, hand cream, brush: Ronee’s car is full of feminine items. But that doesn’t keep her from fantasising about being the perfect head-up display.

The picture shows Ronee, an expert for research interior and user interaction at BMW sitting in front of the “playing cards with” wall at BMW.


Do you have a name for your car? Renuga definitely does. And she drives it with pleasure.

The picture shows Renuga, a international HR marketing intern at BMW sitting in front of the “playing cards with” wall at BMW.


Michelle’s husband makes her laugh – and she lets all this good energy go into her job.

The picture shows Michelle, a learning & development manager at BMW sitting in a BMW office.


Learn what Michal has in common with a Hollywood movie – and what can’t be found in his CV.

The picture shows Michal sitting in a BMW office.


What’s the secret behind Mexican working power? Denise, who feels both challenged and fulfilled at the BMW Group, reveals it.

The picture shows Denise, sitting at a table in a BMW office.


Her parents wanted her to become a doctor. But lucky for us that Nina decided in favour of the BMW Group.

The picture shows Nina, who works as a sales manager for motorcycles at BMW.


Being stuck on a lonely island without sweets? Not a nice idea for Irene who doesn’t only have a nickname for her MINI but feels like a dancing queen at her job.

The picture shows Irene, who works as a international operations manager at Alphabet.


Useless talents? Are allowed! Maria admits that she sometimes talks a little bit too much – but every word in this video is worth listening to.

The picture shows Maria at a BMW office.


His boss has no problem with lending him his car – and that’s not the only thing Yaghoub loves about his job.

The picture shows Yaghoub, who works as a risk manager at BMW Financial Services France.


This video takes Playing CARds to a whole new level – take a ride with Bruno Spengler and enjoy the drift.

The picture shows DTM driver & champion Bruno Sprengler driving a car, playing “playing cards with”.


Nhtato is totally in love with cars and finds a really creative name for a new BMW series.

The picture shows Nthato, who works as a HR manager at the BMW Plant Rosslyn.

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