For me working at BMW has been the best experience I had in my professional life.

Theresa Master-Studentin des Studiengangs Medien- und Kommunikation bei der BMW Group


How did you get to work today? 

Hello! Today I arrive very motivated, wanting to start a new week and have a very productive day.

On which project/topic are you currently working? What was your most exciting project? 

Right now I am working is several projects regarding my daily work. I am in training area, so, I am in charge of all Induction program. One of the most exciting project I am currently working on, is in the development of a buddy program for Induction phase. 

What makes working at BMW Group special for you?

For me working at BMW has been the best experience I had in my professional life. I got the opportunity to work closely with experts who are very involved in my growth and development. In BMW you really have the opportunity to innovate and create the most challenge job. I love how they manage the values with our daily work and how they really motivate us to do the right things. I love the culture and how they have been thought me discipline in my life. 

Tell us something your coworkers don’t know about you?

I’m sure if you ask to my coworkers- they would describe me as an organized and friendly person. But probably they don’t know that I also needed to have a friendly- personable because I really like to feel productive or like I can really support my friends and colleagues. I’m afraid of not doing a good job, even if they say I’m, sometimes I feel like no, that the reason why I always wants to help my colleagues in everything they need. If I see them happy, I’m happy.