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These days it’s invaluable to get practical experience early on – it can be a deciding factor in your career. Be it an internship, a thesis or a working student employment, during a practical employment with us you’ll be sure to discover your talents early on. And since we need active support in lots of different departments, you’ll be taking on responsibility for all kinds of challenging tasks and projects, and get the opportunity to show us what you’re made of.

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An internship at the BMW Group is everything but boring! Whether it be in the field of production, IT, research or development – these and plenty more departments are constantly in search for motivated students willing to be part of our varied daily business. During your internship, you’ll get broad supervision and regular feedback, so that you have the opportunity to develop your potential in the best possible way. Furthermore, you’ll not only get insights in different projects and working processes but you are self-evidently a fully integrated team-member.

  • You are enrolled as a student (f/m/x) at a university (of applied sciences and arts)
  • Or, you are taking a “Gap Year” between your bachelor and master or master and doctorate.
  • The longer you stay, the more you can take away for yourself and your future. As a general rule, our internships last 6 months. In the event of a compulsory internship, the duration aligns with your course of study.
  • Generally, internships are done in full-time which means 35 hours per week.
  • Individual agreements with your department are possible at any time.
  • A combination of compulsory and voluntary internship is possible.
  • Further, a combination of internship and dissertation is also possible, wherefore you would receive two separate contracts.
  • The monthly payment goes by the course of study (bachelor or master) during which the internship is completed and the internship’s duration.

Did this spark your interest? Go ahead and apply this very day via our Job Assistant. In case you don’t find the suitable position in our Job Finder, you may also apply initiatively. Keep in mind that you should apply at least four months prior to starting your internship, so that we have sufficient lead time. Your application, just like any other application to the BMW Group, is made via our Job Assistant. Best of luck!

Internship abroad.

You always wanted to go abroad, think outside the box, get to know other cultures and make new experiences? Then a foreign assignment is ideal for you. With a six-month internship at one of our international locations you’ll get the chance to satisfy your wanderlust while getting to know the BMW Group internationally.

  • Very good English skills and/ or language skills of the host country.
  • You are enrolled as a student (f/m/x) at a university or taking a “Gap Year”.
  • Good academic performance.
  • A successfully completed internship in Germany, working student activities or an apprenticeship at the BMW Group can be advantageous.
  • Further requirements depend on the country/ location you intend on starting your internship.

A successfully completed domestic internship, employment as a working student or vocational training at the BMW Group is desirable.

  • The external conditions during your stay abroad (payment, working hours, etc.) depend on the individual requirements of the respective country.
  • The costs for the flight, visa and placement are beard by yourself.

Your complete application documents should be uploaded online or sent by e-mail directly to the destination abroad at least 6 months prior to starting the internship. You’ll find the respective recruiting team contact for every location when following the link on the interactive world map. Please create one PDF-file (max. 4MB) containing all your documents:

  • Application letter containing information on your course of study, your preferred period of assignment as well as your desired field of assignment (in English or the local language).
  • Compelling CV (in English or the local language).
  • Proof of academic performance.
  • Further certificates or confirmations.
  • A translation of the certificates and confirmations is not necessary.

Information on the locations can be found on the interactive world map.


You are planning on following a technical degree and want to obtain prior experience in the course of an internship. During our pre-study internships, we offer you the possibility to gain practical experience while preparing you excellently for your studies.

  • You are seeking to follow a technical degree or you are already enrolled as a student (f/m/x).
  • It needs to be a compulsory internship. This means that the pre-study internship is either a prerequisite for enrolling at your university or necessary in order to move to the next semester.
  • Good university entrance qualification, especially in the scientific subjects.
  • The duration of your internship depends on the prerequisites of the examination rules of your course of studies.
  • As a general rule, internships are absolved in full-time which means 35 hours per week.
  • The monthly payment depends on whether you are already enrolled or not.

You can apply twice a year for a pre-study internship. You’ll find the advertised positions in our Job Finder during these application periods. Please only apply online.

  • For an internship between May and July, the application period is from 18th February to 10th March.
  • For an internship during the summer holidays, the application period is from 15th April to 15th May.

Please enclose the following documents to your application:

  • Examination rules of your course of studies.
  • Certificate of matriculation, if you are already enrolled.
  • The form “Proof of pre-study internship duration”.
PDF-Form “Proof of pre-study internship duration“ (only available in German)

Working student activity.

As a working student (f/m/x) you are working over a longer period in one of our teams while getting to know our daily working business in-depth. This gives you a very good orientation for your professional future. Therefore, a working student activity is a valuable and useful supplement to your studies. Stay connected with us after an internship and support us as a working student (f/m/x) in our daily business or project work.

  • You are enrolled as a student (f/m/x) at a university (of applied sciences and arts).
  • You have still got pending test performances and are not undertaking distance learning, a part-time or a vacation semester
  • The period of employment is a minimum of three months and a maximum of twelve months.
  • Your working hours are likely to vary. During lecture period, 15 or 20 hours per week may not be exceeded. Further, the distance from your working location to your location of studies is decisive and will be proofed individually by our HR department. The 20 hours per week must be distributed over at least three working days. During lecture-free time, you may also switch to full-time (which means 35 hours per week).

We should receive your application four months prior to your desired entrance date. All working student openings within the different departments and plants can be found in our Job Finder. Best of luck!


You are learning from us – we are learning from you. The BMW Group offers you professional support in writing your bachelor or master thesis with practical relevance. In all department at the BMW Group, you have the opportunity to show how you would like to sustainably shape the future.

  • You are enrolled as a student (w/m/x) at a university (of applied sciences and arts).
  • The remunerated period of contract of your thesis depends on the processing time of your university stated in the examination rules of your course of study and your respective course of study (bachelor or master).
  • You don’t have specified working hours during the period of contract. Your employment aims at writing your thesis. Therefore, you can individually plan your working hours in consultation with your department.
  • After completing your dissertation, you’re obliged to provide a copy to the BMW Group. 

Advertised theses can be found in our Job Finder. You may also create an initiative application suggesting a topic or topic area.


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