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Collaborations – a bridge between business and science.

The BMW Group is in constant exchange with various teaching and research institutions. In order to promote entrepreneurial thinking within a university environment and make it easier for our applicants to join us, we collaborate with various initiatives.

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Commitment to students.


'UnternehmerTUM' ('entrepreneurship') is the centre for entrepreneurship at the Technical University of Munich. It supports contact between universities and industry and helps students and researchers to gain additional professional qualifications.

The BMW Group works closely with the 'UnternehmerTUM' initiative. The core of the collaboration includes the 'Manage&More' programme. It prepares highly-qualified students and doctoral candidates from the TU Munich for future management positions in 18 months. BMW Group managers personally mentor the scholarship students and get involved in the 'Manage&More' innovation projects.

Every semester, 20 students or doctoral candidates are selected to take part in the support programme.

You can find additional information on 'UnternehmerTUM' on the centre's official homepage. You can also apply online for 'Manage&More' there. The closing date for applications is every February and July.

Application forms can be obtained from the following address:

UnternehmerTUM GmbH
Lichtenbergstrasse 8
85748 Garching
Tel. +49 (0) 89-32 46 24-0
Fax +49 (0) 89-32 46 24-100


As part of the TU Munich mentorING programme, the BMW Group is committed to the advancement of women in male-dominated professions and actively supports women pursuing engineering careers.

mentorING gives female students in the natural or technical sciences faculty of TUM the opportunity to receive support from both male and female mentors at the BMW Group. They will provide guidance on your professional and personal development and individual support. Mentor and mentee will meet every four to six weeks for one year.

A number of events will be organised for participants as part of the programme. These are designed, among other things, to support the students and mentors in their collaboration. Other events provide information and training on various topics in professional life.

The mentee will have an exciting dual role in mentorING: six months after entering the programme as a mentee, she will also become a mentor for pupils at Munich high schools.

Excellent academic performance is a prerequisite for participation in mentorING.

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