It is important to us to get to know you as a person and to find out whether you fit into our team with your skills and experience. So, show us with your application who you really are and what makes you special. Please make sure that your CV is complete and feel free to add unusual hobbies. If, for example, you also like to programme privately and apply for a software development position, it is worth mentioning this in your application.

Please note that we are currently advertising all vacancies for graduates in the Job Finder. The “Apply Now” field takes you directly to your candidate profile, where you can then apply online.

Selection criteria and selection process.

The starting point for each of our selection processes is a consideration of the requirements that a job places on potential applicants. We then derive our selection criteria from these requirements and determine with which methods we measure the criteria and how we arrive at an objective decision.

Depending on the position, we work with an individual set of criteria in the pre-selection and final selection. In the end, the overall picture that we get from you is crucial. Here, above all, we look whether your knowledge, characteristics and skills match the defined job requirements. Age, gender or cultural background naturally have no influence on our selection decision, because all applicants (f/m/x) are welcome.

However, there are of course some basic requirements that play a role in the pre-selection:

  • Your grades at school and, if applicable, during your studies have a certain, but not decisive influence in the pre-selection.
  • Having suitable practical experience for the job, e.g. through previous employments, internships, etc., is of course a great advantage. Here, it is important that you upload corresponding evidence in the candidate profile.
  • We require very good knowledge of our corporate languages German and English for most positions. Depending on the job advertisement, additional language skills may be required.
  • Especially with positions with an international focus, international experience is an advantage or sometimes even mandatory.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot consider incomplete or incorrect applications. In the case of deliberate misrepresentations, e.g. stating of better grades or similar, we must reserve the right to exclude you from the process.

In our selection process, it is fundamentally important to us that this enables all parties to make a sound decision. Thus, not only do we want to find out whether you are a good fit for us, but you should also be able to use the procedure to see whether you can imagine working for us in a specific position. Depending on the entry position, we therefore use various instruments that help us make objective decisions.

Depending on the entry level and position, the following instruments may be waiting for you in the application process:

  • Telephone interview
  • Job interview
  • Online test
  • Assessment centre

If you apply for several positions, you can of course expect several interviews in the different departments if you are suitable. However, you only need to create a candidate profile once.

We wish you every success with your application and look forward to you!