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Study with in-depth practical experience Production Technology (B. Eng.).

As a planner you are responsible for the entire production process for tool making projects which are an integral part of the "Sheer Driving Pleasure". This includes the external procurement of materials, standard and bought-in parts, services, tools and awarding contracts, as well as maintaining premium quality. You coordinate the workload, work scheduling and planning for your project. In addition, you are responsible for integrating the press tools in all vehicle-producing plants of the BMW Group worldwide.

What you will learn with us.

  • Comprehensive knowledge in the fields of planning, capacity and quality 
  • Everything about systems and projects
  • Conducting customer talks 
  • Coordinating projects

What awaits you after the dual degree course.

  • Unlimited direct entry with above-tariff conditions
  • Exciting activities in the tooling production division
  • Varying challenges in own projects
  • Diverse further training opportunities in project and management positions

What you should bring along.

  • Enjoy technology and an understanding thereof
  • Enjoy logical thinking and spatial imagination
  • Social skills such as: teamwork, the ability to handle conflict and critical appraisal, willingness to perform, independence, perseverance, diligence, reliability and motivation as well as communication
  • Interest in maths, physics, chemistry, German and English
  • A good general university entrance qualification

What you can look forward to.

  • Very good training remuneration incl. Christmas bonus and holiday pay
  • Flexible working hours and leisure time
  • Different and exciting tasks
  • A great atmosphere and a great team
  • Personal support
  • Development opportunities
  • Attractive vehicle rental
  • Subsidised residential facilities (only in Munich)
  • Housing subsidy for dual students (depending on the location of the university)
  • Subsidy for meals and travel expenses
  • Benefits and employee discounts
  • Company restaurants and cafeterias*
  • Fitness and leisure opportunities*

*Offer may vary at the individual locations and in our dealerships

Duration of training and studies.

3 years

Apprenticeship locations.

Partner University.

Training and study process.

Schedule of studies with in-depth practical experience Technical Management at the BMW Group

The Right Application.

To apply for a dual curriculum at the BMW Group, please complete the following steps. Information on the application period can also be found there.

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